Fortune Favours the Brave: Get a job you love by investing in a franchise

For thousands of white-collar workers up and down the country the sweet release of the weekend is the incomparable highlight of the week. We look at how courageously breaking the habit of a lifetime can lead to rich reward.

Regardless of riches, fame and power, attaining a job that is genuinely enjoyable and challenging is what many people are truly striving for. However, for many franchisees, the struggle is over. They have already taken the leap of faith, left their previous job and now live a happy and rewarding lifestyle as their own boss.

Trugreen franchisee, Karen Burdett, was working in a commercial environment just 18 months ago. She decided that she needed a career change and invested in the professional lawn care business to earn a substantial wage working outdoors. Now Karen admits that she lives a far happier lifestyle and, in addition, has recently won a national franchising award.

However, making the life changing move towards independence comes with significant risk and has to be done right first time. The franchise business structure gives investors prolonged support and extensive training which means that you are never truly alone. Most franchises will give you the freedom to be independent and grow your business yourself without leaving you feeling isolated or cut off.

Exploring your passion, like Karen, is always a good place to start because it will enable you to work within a sector that you have real interest for. As the late Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, once said: “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

Leaving a career to start afresh is an undeniably daunting ask, but in years to come, looking back on a long and fruitful career that has bored you senseless will likely only yield regret. Vincent Van Gogh once proclaimed that he would: “rather die of passion than of boredom,” – wouldn’t you?

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