Franchise by Fire Compliance & Safety Ltd

Fire safety is the need of the hour. Fire is very unpredictable and can cause large destruction hence we need some precautions against it.

Fire Compliance and Safety Ltd Company carries out fire risk assessments. Each and every business in the United Kingdom is required to act and train all staff on basic fire safety and is also required to carry out and record these risk assessments. Fire Compliance and Safety Ltd is for all types of industries i.e. small, large and multi-site for carrying out risk assessments. Industries include shops, offices, residential care premises, accommodation, healthcare properties, outdoor events, schools, large factories and complexes.

The Founder of Fire Compliance and Safety Ltd, ex fire-fighter Bob Ward said that the consequence of new law can be overwhelming because of lack of knowledge and education. Many companies visited by Mr Ward have all the essential equipment required for fire safety and control but unfortunately the employees who carry out this work are lacking to some extent. The minimum requirement is a standard log book put together by a skilled employee. It is very important that they carry out their duty with care and concern with the liability resting on their shoulders.