Franchise day to witness the gathering of French and English industries

As a tribute to the British Franchise Industry, an event has been organised by the British Franchise Association, HSBC, the French Franchise Federation and partners of the Trade Section of the French Embassy of London. The event is due to take place on the 2nd of October 2008 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Birmingham. The National Franchise Exhibition will involve experts and consultants in the field, as part of the conferences and meetings that are to take place.

The event acts as the perfect opportunity for deals to materialise between financial and legal experts of the British franchise industry and renowned French franchisors. Already, five French companies are supposed to be attending. They will be looking for UK-based master franchises and investors.

Some of the companies that will attend the event are:-

L’Echelle Europeenne, a company which started in 1990, offers safety products that allow people to move around, work, climb or be still at a height all on one premise. A growing product line, to which the company is dedicated, is the aluminium scaffolding on wheels. Today, the company’s franchise network has spread to 60 retail outlets in Europe.

Illicotravaux, a network providing building brokers to its clients helps them select contractors and make the right choices when it comes to property decisions. Illicotravaux is currently serving 70,000 clients.

A clothes designing company, CDC (Comptoir des Cottonniers), currently has a total of 351 points of sale worldwide. This French company whose designs are trendy and stylish now have their outlets in Spain and London after achieving immense success when they launched their Mother and Daughter line in 1997.