Franchise is the best option to start a business

Gabrielle Lixton took a break from her career as a human resource manager to have her first child. While attending swimming classes with her baby, she noticed a business opportunity in it.

The class was run by a company named Water Babies. Lixton was ready to buy a franchise from Water Babies in her local area, Berkshire.

She was confused in choosing between business and her earlier corporate life. She spoke to the franchise owner and was very pleased to buy one of the franchises. She felt that Water Babies is a safe and profitable business.

Her business grew more than five times within two and half years and hence she decided to buy a second franchise in Oxford. She sold her first franchise and earned 15 times more money than what she paid for it.

Lixton started her business from scratch. The franchise had helped her to run her own business with very limited risk. Buying a franchise is of great advantage. It helps with things like human resources, marketing, PR and health and safety matters. She was highly supported by Water Babies. This helped her in focusing on growing her business.

According to the British Franchise Association (BFA), a franchise is a business which grows rapidly with lesser risk involved. Franchise is the best option in starting up your own business. The survival rate of other start ups is much less than a franchise.