Franchise opportunities can suit anyone

You may think that franchises are only to be considered by people with huge amounts of experience and several years in the business.

But while you do need certain characteristics such as ambition and drive in order to take on franchise opportunities, you will see that a franchise can suit a range of people; old and young.

And proof of that lies with Chris Walker who is a 21 year old franchise owner of Autovaletdirect. He has been running the franchise for just three months and is really enjoying the experience.

He launched the franchise in February and had real support from head office. He has built up a really successful customer base and business is really thriving.

Chris is really glad that he made the decision to look into franchise opportunities and he says that the fact that you have a proven company behind you makes the beginnings of the process much easier that if you were to start your own business from scratch.

Autovaletdirect proved to be the right choice for Chris because they were so professional and so supportive. It has taken Chris a while to get used to the paperwork required of him, but he says the job is so rewarding when he knows that he has pleased his customers. It just goes to show that no matter what age you are and how much experience you have, franchise opportunities could be the ideal career path.