Franchise opportunities made simple

The difficult part of choosing a franchise is determining which business to opt for. The choice of one individual may not necessarily match that of another one. Hopefully the list below will make it a little easier.

Fast Food Restaurants

This is a very familiar sector. Plenty of fast food companies are popping up every month, each one set on being the next popular thing. Securing a place with any of them could prove to be a smart option for any bargain-hunting industrialist. The top sub-sector in this category involves pizza, both for delivery and dining.

Fast Casual Restaurants

Fast casual restaurants are the fastest rising part of the food service industry. These restaurants have well-defined dining areas, but customers prefer to order via the counter rather than via table service. This keeps operational costs low and increases turnover of customers.

Convenience Stores

As petrol stations have developed into one-stop shopping locations, convenience store opportunities have grown rapidly. These convenience stores represent an excellent option in the exploration of franchise opportunities.

Vending & Kiosks

The vending machine business constitutes an attractive self-employment opportunity. The best choices among franchises in this sector tend to be within DVD rental.

Packing & Shipping Centres

These stores offer private mailbox services and are even branching out into the online auction business.

Fitness Centres

Health clubs are experiencing something of resurgence in popularity. Specialisation is a major influence these days, with clubs offering martial arts, personal gyms, female gyms and so on. Choosing a fitness centre as a franchising option could also prove beneficial.

Automobile Services

This field features storefront franchising opportunities as well as mobile ones. If you possess the required skill and expertise, then this represents a first-rate franchising option.