Franchise opportunities to the rescue

Although more and more youngsters are looking to franchise opportunities as a reliable career path, the older generation are also benefitting from the stability that working in a franchise can bring you.

As some business continue to struggle, the number of older workers finding themselves being made redundant is ever increasing. And whereas younger workers may find it easier to retrain or take a new career path, the older generation can sometimes struggle to get a new career started.

That is what happened to Brian Masters who was made redundant at the age of 56. He spent some time job searching but then was attracted by some franchise opportunities that he came across.

He eventually settled on the Starbrite franchise and a year into his new venture, he has no regrets about his decision. He finds his new role as a franchisee highly exciting and rewarding and he is also enjoying being financially secure.

Another great thing about his new career path is that Brian now receives all the support that he needs from the director of his team. He has the knowledge to offer support and backing to Brian whenever he needs it.

At a time when Brian was worried about his future, franchising came in at just the right time.