Franchise opportunity with Hardsoft Computers

Whilst running his Architect Photography business, David Hawkins realised the potential expansion of digital photography. As a result David had to keep his technology modern and finally became a Hardsoft Computers client. He was pleased by Hardsoft Computers and noticed the high level of demand for the service it provides. When he got the opportunity to start a franchise, he decided to opt for Hardsoft Computers, and launched his franchise in August 2007. David received intensive training on how to run a Hardsoft Computers franchise, and now benefits from continued support.

Hardsoft Computers has an excellent business concept. As the technology industry undergoes various changes, David leases equipment which features modern technology to other companies. He also provides IT support which is a service not provided by other companies that lease equipment. Flexible lease package allow the companies to update their IT.

Owning a Hardsoft Computers franchise helped David to be flexible and made it possible to run his photography business along with the franchise business. However, David is now willing to spend the majority of his time developing his Hardsoft Computer business. In the previous year, David enjoyed a huge turnover of £ 120,000. After two and a half years of establishing his franchise, David is now looking to double his business.