Franchise owner Lee Richardson reaps rewards

Lee Richardson is happy with his new life after joining Professional Car Cleaning, Europe’s fastest growing mobile valeting franchise. Before this opportunity, Lee was a mortgage advisor and had to work long hours in the office with ever increasing pressure and a stressful daily commute. Now he is enjoying being his own boss.

From the very first day as a member of the PCC franchise, Lee enjoyed a level of job satisfaction that he never experienced whilst working at Northern Rock for last 13 years. Lee loves the independence of organising his own time and meeting different people who value the service he provides.

From a number of years Lee has wanted to work for himself, but he hesitated to give up the safety his previous employment provided. However, he realised the importance of taking responsibility of his own future after the well documented troubles at Northern Rock.

He started looking for an opportunity to start his own business and decided to invest in a franchise since they had a considerably higher interest rate when compared to independent start ups.