Franchise starts working with celebrities

Jeremy Piercy, Managing director of Fair trade retail franchise Shared Earth and Anthony Worrall, a celebrity chef have discussed the option of working jointly on organic projects in the fair trade sector in the year 2009. According to Jeremy, over the past 20 years the worldwide fair trade industry has been developing progressively and now the development is starting to accelerate. By selling fair trade food through celebrities like Anthony Worrall Thompson, the supermarkets have increased people’s awareness about the product.

Anthony is eager to see the nationwide expansion of the Shared Earth franchise and has written the forward for Jeremy’s new book. Anthony said that he is a strong believer in fair trade and consider the Shared Earth franchise is an excellent idea if correctly controlled. Fair trade has a massive market. According to him, the most significant thing to consider is the traceability of the product and Shared Earth seems to have this.

Shared Earth has opened its eighth shop and is eager to continue with its development plan. Shared Earth sells only certified Fair trade goods. The shop stocks a range of 5500 different gifts from different parts of the world, like photo albums manufactured from bamboo, note books manufactured from recycled car tyres and boxes manufactured from recycled crisp packets. These products are designed by Shared Earth in the UK.