Franchisee success during recession

Avril Leeming started her business in the credit crunch but surprisingly received a positive impact in the first week of trading.

The competition between local businesses has increased as their customers are becoming more unwilling to spend money unnecessarily. Voucher Packs franchisee has enabled Avril Leeming’s Huddersfield based business to begin with a success story.

Avril Leeming said that she started her business in August 2008 and had secured her business up to March 2009 within the first five weeks of trading. She came to know about Voucher Packs through advice from a friend. She found it interesting as she was employed in the advertisement industry for 12 years and had a vast knowledge of the industry. She had previously taken a career break to have two children. During this period, one of her friends introduced her to Voucher Packs. She was interested in Voucher Packs as she liked the way it operated and its business concept.

The concept of Voucher Packs is based on the idea which has been successful for the last 35 years in the USA. The company offers a co-operative direct mail facility. This service distributes DL-size clear wrapped branded packets which hold leaflets from local as well as widely known businesses.