Franchising can change your life

It’s amazing how franchising can completely turn someone’s life around. Just by taking a look at the franchise opportunities available and choosing the right one for you, you can transform your life.

That is what happened to Kashif Sheikh who bought a Snack-in-the-Box franchise three years ago. Before making the decision to get involved in franchising, Kashif was a shop owner and he found himself working very long hours. This left him with very little time to see his family. But now, with franchising, his hours have been dramatically reduced and he has the weekends free to enjoy and spend time with his children.

This was key for Kashif. The work and home life balance was something that was very important to him and that is why he chose Snack-in-the-Box as it could offer him everything he was looking for.

One of the things that Kashif has noticed about his time with the franchise is that he receives a lot of support from the franchisor. With their backing and the strong brand already in place, he has managed to build up a strong customer base already and is really glad that he decided to get involved in franchising.