Franchising in Scotland

The Scottish franchise industry is a hard wearing and robust industry which is estimated to be worth £1.47 billion.

The capability to operate as a local company with commitment and understanding of the area and people, combined with a known brand and national support system has allowed several franchises to remain a successful, secure and viable businesses.

Scotland has become engrossed in this business model, with approximately 500 different franchise brands accounting for 3,000 franchised outlets and operations.

This figure has been progressively increasing over about 15 years, showing that Scotland remains an attractive and vibrant country for franchisees.

The last few months’ figures have not yet been released. However, reports from the British Association members in Scotland have been extremely positive.

The franchising industry has experienced a whole host of likely franchisees wanting to invest.

Many consider franchising as an excellent option for newly unemployed people who wants to launch their own business. Franchising is a proven and secure investment when compared to starting on your own. This means financial institutions always view franchising as an attractive and safe investment.

Franchising is a serious business option that requires business acumen, dedication and hard work. It also requires research and diligence to make sure that you are investing in a appropriate progressive network.