Franchising is becoming more popular with women

It has been revealed that more women are now taking up franchise opportunities and in the last year, the number of female franchisees has grown by more than 86 per cent.

These statistics come after NatWest conducted a bfa franchise survey and they show that people are realising the potential of franchising. One of the reasons that franchising has become so popular with women is because this sort of business is really flexible and this means that women who have children can arrange their work around their family lives.

As well as this, franchising has become known as a reliable way to begin a business. The risks involved in starting up your own franchise are far fewer than those involved when you start up your own business because you have the backing and support of the franchisor throughout the process.

This is perhaps why so many franchises have come out of the recession as strong as when they went into it. Franchising is a solid way of getting involved in business and whether you are a hardened businessman, someone who is new to franchising or a mum who wants to start a profitable venture that she can balance with her home life; franchising could be the right choice for you.