Franchising is hard work, but rewarding

Because they were beginners when it came to business, Paul and Barbara Garman were looking for something with a bit of support and backing.

Of course, franchising proved to be the best option for this and so the couple took on a Charisnack franchise. From the start, they were given the help and support that they needed. Pail had a full day of inductions initially and was then able to get all the support and help that he needed after this from the franchisor.

The couple face challenges every day with their franchise, but they are challenges that they are happy to take on. And they love their new busy lifestyles. They enjoy having something to be able to focus on and while running their own franchise is hard work and can be difficult at time, the rewards that they experience make up for all of this. The couple love building their own business and seeing it develop in front of them.

Because the franchise was already established, the couple enjoyed almost immediate success with Charisnack and they plan to build on this as they hope that they can build and expand their business in the future.