Franchising with Apollo Blinds

Dave Brough is the owner of an Apollo Blinds franchise shop in Pwllheli, North Wales. Initially he used to work with Apollo Blinds. After his school days, Dave started working in an Apollo Blinds showroom owned by his uncle. Later, he started working with another franchise and managed three showrooms in Merseyside and Cheshire.

Just growing up with Apollo Blinds is not the reason behind his success in owning a franchise business. The secrets behind his success are his skills, personality and his relationship with customers. Dave not only gives the customer an opportunity to see the entire range of products but also helps them to find an ideal product for their home.

According to Dave, selling window blinds is the greatest secret to being successful. Success in this field is all about offering the customer with the best environment, giving them choices and most importantly listening to them.

Dave noticed that a lot of customers wanted to purchase something else and ended up purchasing altogether different products due to the salesperson. Hence it is very important to know the needs and taste of the customer.

Dave had a pleasant experience working with Apollo Blinds due to their excellent support and ever improving brand recognition.