Franchising with Prokill

Prokill offers a specialised pest prevention service to the industrial, commercial, agricultural, marine and private sectors. They are well experienced in treating all types of arachnid species, insects and rodents. Their consultants are also highly trained to specialise in bird control.

Prokill as a company is at the forefront of treatment and baiting techniques. They not only provide technical support but also provide measures such as proactive pest prevention, government legislation, housekeeping and health and safety.

Franchising opportunity with Prokill

Franchising with Prokill is an ideal opportunity as they motivate you and make you confident enough to step into the market to be a secure, strong and a profitable business.

Possibly you will be functioning in the healthiest marketplace. Your operating place will be your territory. Due to ever growing EU and government legislative with regards to health and safety, the business of pest control is continuously expanding.

Being a Prokill franchise, you will provide a discreet and welcome service to your clients. You do not need to get involved in hard selling practices since you will be welcomed by your local customers. The Prokill franchise is definitely an enjoyable business and provides you with enough work from residential household to national household.