Franchising provides a way for individuals to start their own businesses with the backing of an established brand and business process. Franchise business opportunities therefore greatly improve your chances of success. Indeed, the British Franchise Association recently claimed that more than 90% of franchisees are still trading profitably after five years.

Franchising is a system of expansion for companies whereby a business, usually one that has registered growth over a significant period of time, licences out the rights to trade, under its name, to a franchise owner in a new location or territory. The operational practices and general procedures are thus transferred, enabling a consistent business model to spread across an area rapidly and securely.

Franchisees benefit directly from the security and support of a highly experienced franchisor, an often well-established brand with an excellent reputation within its field and a proven business model of which to refer to and follow for success. It is these factors primarily amongst a range of other benefits that have enabled savvy investors, banks and businesspeople to embrace the system almost universally and gain incomparable levels of success.