Franchisors required for the BFA and HSBC Franchisor of the Year Awards

As the UK moves away from economic meltdown towards recovery, the franchisors that excelled, innovated and succeeded under financial pressure are being put forward to go to the industry awards for franchising. The BFA and HSBC Franchisor of the Year Awards 2010, backed by Express Newspapers, is welcoming inspiring stories of success and examples of brilliance from franchisors who have conquered the odds in the past year.

Presently celebrating its 21st year, the awards identify and celebrate the best in franchising. The year 2010 seems to be more exciting than ever, as competing franchisors will be demonstrating how they rose to the challenge of securing, growing and managing a franchise network during the recession period.

For the award winners, the honour not only crowns them the best in industry for suppliers, customers and potential franchisees, but also offers a welcome opportunity to inspire franchisees and staff, through recognising their hard work.

Countrywide Ground Maintenance, 2009 Gold Winners, said that it was an honour to win the BFA Franchisor of the Year Award. It is also evidence of the dedication and hard work of the franchisees and the head office support staff.

Applications are invited for three awards, namely, the Express Newspapers Brand Builder of the Year Award, the HSBC Franchisee Support Award and the BFA & HSBC Franchisor of the Year Award backed by Express Newspapers.

HSBC’s Head of Franchising, Cathryn Hayes said that as we move into recovery, it is now time for businesses to make sure they are well placed to thrive and survive.