From teaching kids to owning a jewellery company

Vicky Serle, a 36 year old teacher, has tasted the rewards of franchising. Vicky, who taught in Egypt for 10 years, returned to the UK to help run her mother’s franchise before she was inspired to buy one herself. Vicky, who bought her own franchise, Silverdaze jewellery, in 2005 from her mother, has experienced a 10 per cent rise in her sales each year, which she is sure will keep growing.

Jewellery making is a hobby for Vicky, in which she successfully completed a three year course. Today she has turned her hobby into a business, a decision she will never regret. Vicky states the great part about franchising is that no one needs to be an expert at it to succeed. Vicky who lives in Chipstead, Surrey spends half of her time throwing parties in people’s houses and the other half selling her jewellery to companies and at school fairs. Her customer total has currently reached about 300, one hundred of which are regulars.

What Vicky loves about her job is that she can work as many hours as she. She admitted that she would also like to try her hand at professionally designing jewellery. Although she is busy, Vicky is thinking of buying another kit and getting someone to work for her. However, she still teaches in the local school for three or four days a month, something she truly enjoys.