Fryer Seizes Original Poster Company Resale Opportunity

Guy Fryer, an Original Poster Company (OPC) franchisee, recently chose to expand his current franchise by purchasing one of OPC’s resale territories.

Fryer, the Retail Development Manager previously to household brands Spar and One Stop, was planning the build of his first OPC franchise when a neighbouring territory came up for sale. “I just wanted to try something new. After having being a Development Manager for many years, I just felt it was time to work for myself. So I started looking into businesses for sale and came across the OPC resale opportunity in Portsmouth. It seemed like the perfect next step for me because it offered me the chance to really apply my retail experience,” commented Fryer.

The Original Poster Company is the world’s leading greeting card distribution franchise, operating in an industry worth over £1.4 billion just in the UK. Established in 1991, OPC’s franchise network has had complete UK coverage for over 20 years and is a full member of the British Franchise Association.

Many of the OPC’s franchise owners are currently selling their existing territories as they retire or move on to new business opportunities. So, when Fryer found out that the Southampton territory was also available for resale he jumped at the opportunity.

Fryer said: “The geographical location of the Southampton territory is simply ideal. I currently live right between Portsmouth and Southampton and I have been looking into expanding my business for a while. So when Southampton became available I decided this was the best way to achieve that.

“The support has been great and I work closely together with my Business Development Manager, especially at the moment. He has been great in helping me coordinate the takeover of my new territory. OPC is always just a phone call away when you need them and they are always very professional. I am now looking forward to replicating the success of my current area and am ultimately also looking at employing staff to make that possible.”