Customer Testimonials

Please see some of our client testimonials below.

Cameron Amos - Managing Director of Taylor Taylor London

"Our brand should be as accessible as possible and gappt helps us do that. It works a treat - last month we received over 50 appointment requests through our app and the social media recommendation feature means we've upped the number of new clients coming through the door."

Bharat Palmer - Owner of Genco Male Grooming

"It's the perfect tool if you want to get more customers coming through the door. We use the live chat facility to capture web visitors and start a dialogue so we can convert them into customers, which is great for people who don't feel like picking up the phone. The branding aspect is very important as we're a growing business, and getting it up and running has been a breeze."

Ross Barr - Acupuncturist

"Before using gappt I had no way of showing my clients when an appointment had become available, let alone give them an immediate way to request it. It allows me to maximise my day and get on with treating clients, who love using the app as it's so convenient - I had 83 requests just in the last month. Also, the survey feature allows me to capture client-specific information, before they come in, which I use to evaluate their treatment."

Marike Smalman - Owner of Blue Mango Salon

"A successful salon equals a full diary, and my app ensures we're all working. It helps me to raise the profile of my business and puts me in a league of my own, without having to spend a fortune. My customers see it as me going the extra mile and providing a higher level of service to them, which translates back into increased loyalty."

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