Gary O’Rourke loves the freedom he gets from his Autosheen franchise

Gary O’Rourke spent 20 years of his life doing a job which bought him very little satisfaction and money. This prompted him to change his work life. He began to think that if he wanted to improve the quality of his work as well as his life in general, he had to do something else and become his own boss. At this point, Gary O’Rourke started doing some research and came across Autosheen Car Cleaning services. Gary took a liking to Autosheen because he was always interested in cars. Moreover, he was also quite proud about the fact that he liked to keep his vehicles looking great at all times.

Gary was really impressed by Autosheen because of their 25 years of being in the business. Plus, he also liked the professional manner in which Autosheen dealt with all its franchises. Leaving a job that paid him every month and opting for a self-owned business was somewhat a risky proposition for Gary. However, after visiting the Midlands based office of Autosheen, his mind became a lot clearer and decided to invest in an Autosheen franchise.

Gary confirms that after spending almost a year of his life running an Autosheen franchise, he has become quite confident and self-assured. He also noted that his franchise gave him very little worry even during the testing period of the current recession.