Get a better future with Kip McGrath Education Centres

Kip McGrath Education Centres (KMEC) are internationally established, with around 680 franchises spread across 20 different countries. They provide a range of private tutoring and also supplementary education right from pre-school to post-graduate.

The Kip McGrath Education Centres are known for teaching in a positive environment with highly qualified teachers. Moreover, the original principle of KMEC is that ‘any youngster can be trained if they are taught correctly’. In addition, if you have a passion for teaching outside the usual schooling system then KMEC has a few franchises available for you. KMEC are known for providing continuing support even when your business is established.

Today, there is a growing international trend for supplementary education. If you are a Kip McGrath franchisee you can benefit in a number of ways. You are always backed up by the association with an internationally trusted name. You are also given complete training with continuing support. Moreover, there will always be a professional corporate team to help you maximise your goals. They also help you to provide different educational products. Today, the KMEC is the largest provider of supplementary education.