Get Going for Summer with Kids Bee Happy!

“Summer is the perfect time to start your Kids Bee Happy franchise,” says Alistair Patterson, Director of Kids Bee Happy. “There are so many events and opportunities around that it really is the perfect time to launch your business.”

So why is Summer such a good time to start a franchise? Alistair Patterson comments: “Put simply, the summer months are one of the peak times for Kids Bee Happy, and it’s a great opportunity to expand our network and our brand.”

“During the summer holidays people are out and about with their children, they are spending money on children’s activities and entertainment, and just generally more open to kid’s activities. This is a great time for Kids Bee Happy as sand painting really stands out above the face-painters, the bouncy castles, and the other things that kids and parents are so used to seeing everywhere. Sand Painting is great value for money, terrific fun, and totally new.

“When our franchisees are out at these summer events they are busy meeting new customers, building contacts, and talking to people who within a few weeks will be thinking about booking things like birthday parties, Christmas parties, wedding entertainment etc.

“Kids Bee Happy has had a terrific year, launching 24 franchisees into business in the franchise’s first year, making it one of the fastest growing franchises in the UK last year, as well as receiving recognition in the Mumsclub and Mumpreneur UK business awards. At £3,995 + VAT it’s terrific value too, even before you consider that they are one of the few franchises that doesn’t charge royalties or management fees.

Talking about growth of the franchise over the last 12 months, Director Alistair Patterson tells us: “Our big focus now is on Franchise Support. We find that Kids Bee Happy is the first business experience many of our franchisees have had and so we’ve expanded our staff to include a dedicated franchise support manager who is constantly available to help out with business and marketing questions, to them help identify good opportunities, and to assist the franchisees with preparing emails and pitches to the bigger customers.”

Kids Bee Happy can your franchise up and trading before the Summer holidays start. Read more about Kids Bee Happy by clicking here.