Go for a low cost, low risk franchise business

A low cost business franchise provides some of the most profitable opportunities. Importantly, they do not require a huge amount of capital to start the business. Most of them can be operated from your home. Below are some of the low cost franchises.

  1. Berkeley Brewer

Berkeley Brewer is a company, which is very much dedicated to your success and refunds your investment if you fail to grow within 12 months. This business is easily manageable and you do not have to quit your current job for this opportunity.

  1. CityLocal

Many entrepreneurs get tired by doing their routine job and therefore start their own business. They have an internal desire to be different and make a difference. If you have the same desires, you must consider a franchise opportunity with City Local. You not only have a chance to be a part of a profitable website but you can also make a difference to your community.