Gold for venture franchisee at the BFA awards

A Venture franchisee was declared the franchisee of the year at the BFA awards and walked away with the gold medal for building a multi million pound business in just two years. While Angie Baynes, a Venture franchisee was presented gold, Craig Harrison of the Pirtek franchise and Lisa Tobias of the Domino’s pizza franchise were awarded silver and bronze respectively.

The theme for the year was ‘managing change’ and candidates had to demonstrate how they would react in different business situations. There were nine candidates in total and apart from the top three, there were participants from Auto Smart international, Dream Doors, Fastsigns, McDonalds, OscarPetfoods and Western Provident Association.

All the three winners were ecstatic at their victory. Angie Baynes said that she got into the Venture franchise after managing her father’s own portrait venture studio and is a managing director today with a turnover of two million. Cathryn Hayes of HSBC applauded Angie for her determination and success.

While it took eight years for Craig Harrison to become a franchisee, he was responsible for bringing a combined turnover of 1.8 million. Lisa Tobias of McDonalds was thrilled with her award as she was a part time employee before owning four outlets.