Golden Moment For Auditel Consultant Charles Nishikawa

As reported in July, Charles Nishikawa arrived in the UK from Japan in 1990 and joined the Auditel cost management consultancy franchise in 2005. He has always had a keen interest in sports, especially table tennis. Keen to be more fully involved in the Olympics, Charles applied to LOCOG in autumn 2010 to volunteer as one of the 70,000 Games Makers among 240,000 other applicants. He was interviewed in February last year and finally selected in the October.

Charles was appointed as part of the Language Service Team at ExCeL, which hosted seven sports, including table tennis, wrestling and five others. He says: “Although the hours were punishing – frequently until after midnight – I was truly inspired and exhilarated by the experience. The Language Service was one of the most exciting Games Maker roles. It gave us lots of opportunities to speak directly with the athletes, watch the sport up close and even be on TV. As Lord Coe said at the closing ceremony – “When our time came, Britain did it right.” I am sure our efforts have made many new friends for Britain all over the world. I’m so proud to have been part of London 2012. It has been a real honour to work with such motivated and talented volunteers. Also a big hooray to the Forces mena nd women drafted in to help – true professionals.”

“I am so delighted to have been photographed with fellow-countryman wrestling Gold Medallist, Tatsuhiro Yonemitsu, and to have marched with the Olympic and Paralympic athletes in the Team GB Parade with fellow volunteers. Everyone cheered not only the athletes but us as well! Honour and privilege.”