Graduate twins from LIPA to play roles of the Blood Brothers

LIPA (Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts), an institute dedicated to helping talented youngsters, have launched the first real life twins to play the roles of the Blood Brothers in a musical.

Ben and Michael Sewell will take on the role of Mickey and Eddie in Willy Russell’s West End production- Blood Brothers. The 23 year old twins graduated from LIPA in 2007 and have been given the lead roles in the hit musical. When asked about the roles, both said that they have always wanted to play the roles ever since they were teenagers.

LIPA has a performing arts franchise which was established to help youngsters to develop their creativity at a long age which is exactly what happened for these two brothers. Michael said that working with each other was fun for the twins and the natural chemistry that the two share has been extremely helpful in getting to grips with the role.

He also said that the musical was a great one and although the roles have been challenging, they have also been very enjoyable. Ben stated that the experience of playing to packed houses was incredible.

LIPA, which was established in 2003, is the only children’s performing arts academy franchise in the UK that is linked directly to a renowned performing arts institution. The main aim of the franchise is to create an international network of individuals who will provide young people with quality performing arts teaching.