Greensleeves under new management

Greensleeves, a lawn care franchise, has been recently bought by a new management team that is on a lookout for prospective franchisees to help them with their expansion plans in UK. Priority locations include the Home Counties and Midlands.

The new management team has around forty years of experience in the garden and lawn industry. According to the director of the franchise, David Turby, the franchisees of Greensleeves have a loyal and strong customer base. The customers get a lot of benefit from the value added services provided by the company. Greensleeves also provides the best technical support. Customers genuinely appreciate the quality and affordable lawn care services that Greensleeves provides.

In 2007, Greensleeves added seven new territories to the franchise network with an average growth of around 35%.

The company helps time restricted customers in getting an attractive lawn. They remove the weeds and control the moss as well.

Thus the customers would benefit, if Greensleeves expand their operations as their services are in demand. The company has been in the business for quite a long time and offers the best quality service in this sector.