Grow your business with martial arts

In this world, where the crime rate is forever escalating, it is best that you know how to defend yourself in any situation and martial arts can help you achieve that.

Ivan Rolls, an experienced martial artist, realised this and set up the FMA Leadership academy in 2004, an academy where he teaches youngsters discipline and focuses on them in such a way that they remain enthusiastic throughout the year. This ensures that a student coming out of this academy is confident and is an expert at this level before moving on to the next one.

With such a kind of teaching and dedication towards his work, Ivan has seen tremendous growth in his business and this has resulted in an excellent retention rate and new members coming in every time. This has given birth to a franchise opportunity where this academy can be spread nationwide. With demand exceeding supply, these franchisees are bound to work and Ivan can already see a large number of disciplined and well trained youngsters.

For those who are looking to franchise, the FMA Leadership Academy is offering a comprehensive training and support package. They will also be provided with the necessary training and the advice required while setting up, operating and marketing their business. The academy will also help you in the initial stages of setting up, helping find the right premises and in the recruitment process.

The investment required is £16,550 plus VAT with the total costs coming up to £53,550 approximately.