GutterPRO have successfully launched over 20 franchises in the last year.

Gutters need maintenance and many insurance companies like Axa highlight that blocked gutters can cause structural damage, damp and health issues. This creates demand for GutterPRO services.

How we are different?

"Safe and sound, we do it from the ground."

Using long carbon fibre poles and powerful vacuums. This approach eliminates the risk of working at height and makes for an efficient, profitable service.

The GutterPRO brand ethos is founded on PROfessionalism– with smart vans, uniforms, online tracking, our GutterPRO service pledge. GutterPRO know that being overly PROfessional generates more booking and then in turn referrals.

GutterPRO Single Van Franchise Package: £9,850+vat

  • Clearing and cleaning kit
  • Survey camera
  • Branded GutterPRO apparel
  • Wet weather work-wear
  • GutterPRO branded van wrap
  • All marketing paid for and managed for the first 3 months
  • Full head office training
  • Onsite support at the outset and ongoing
  • Franchisees lease or buy their vehicle
  • Exclusive territory with 275,000 population

You can also start a GutterPRO Management Franchise with an initial investment of £12,850+vat and benefit from an exclusive territory '3 times' the usual size. Four further payments of £1,500 are then made in the second year.

Why choose us?

Potential Profit

Year 1: £23k
Year 5: £50k

Of course, like most businesses you get out what you put in. Achieving these figures requires business focus, but equally the scope exists to exceed these numbers.

Up to 100% Finance

Available via the Government’s Start-up Loans Scheme. To qualify you must be a UK or an EU citizen.

Active, Outdoors and Chemical Free

Let’s face it, we spend enough of our lives working, so why not do something that is active and outdoors. And when it rains, your GutterPRO kit includes wet weather work wear. Good to know, GutterPRO does not use chemicals or solvents.

4-Season Business

SPRING – It’s time for the big clear up.
SUMMER - Plant growth needs to be cleared.
AUTUMN - Falling leaves means gutters need clearing.
WINTER - The British weather means brisk business.

Now is the time to investigate GutterPRO.