Hamilton Pratt franchise solicitors

Hamilton Pratt is one of the leading specialist franchise solicitors in Europe. It mainly deals in agency distribution, brand protection and licensing. It also provides general legal advice to a large number of growing businesses. Hamilton Pratt has a strong worldwide reputation and all the clients whether big or small are important to them.

Hamilton Pratt prepares a detailed report on the franchisee agreements for a particular fee. You will be provided with a critical report that will help you in making the right decisions. There are many franchises who discuss issues that have been raised by their lawyers.

There are issues like what sort of an exclusive territory is being granted, whether the franchisor has obtained a registered trade mark, deciding the fees, ease of terminating the agreement with the franchisee, etc.

Hamilton Pratt also helps on other delicate issues like the incorporation of your company or even a partnership. Terms of the deposit agreement are also discussed thus making things easier for you.

The advice provided by Hamilton Pratt is tailored according to your needs thus enhancing your skills on franchising and its other aspects.