Handyman franchise to be introduced in the UK

‘Hire a Hubby’ is a handyman service company that was started in Australia 12 years ago. The company became popular and successful in the country and led to franchising. The company provides services to people who do not possess the ability to renovate or maintain their houses. It was the first company in Australia to provide a range of basic house running services to the public.

The company is looking for experienced candidates who can excel at management and who want to start a successful business. The master franchise will have to manage a network of ‘Hubbies’ within their region and territory. With 300 franchisees, it is the biggest handyman company in the country.

Michael Bishop a former franchisee in Australia has now moved to UK with a view to set up the first Regional Masters. He is currently going through training before he can launch the Regional Masters there and will later begin recruiting to start the sub franchisees.

The company guarantees 100 percent workmanship and uses the latest technological systems to achieve success. Some of the ways through which the business can be built are schools, offices, estate agencies, child care agencies and retail units. The company is in search of franchisees who, just like them, want to build a successful regional business, have super sales skills and are comfortable using the latest technology systems.