Hard work and smart work will get you all

‘Work smart, not hard’ is the new motto and the fact that there are so many around us who have made it big with minimum qualifications bears testimony to this fact.

Darren Leppard did just that. Darren is now the director of his own recruitment company and he has not stopped yet. Now he is looking at entrepreneurship. Starting off as a warehouse operative, Darren believed in doing better and despite no qualifications, using his warehouse experience as his strong point, he applied to several recruitment agencies and when presented with an opportunity, worked towards being an excellent recruiter.

Darren was a realist and knew that he would have to learn a lot, but enjoyed the industry’s fast paced lifestyle so much that he concentrated on learning and on being the best.

From an excellent recruiter, Darren went on to become a business developer, then executive manager, eventually looking towards Select Appointments to set up a recruitment company of his own.

Darren chose Select Appointments because he believed that it was exactly what he was looking for. He is very happy with his decision. The Select Appointments franchise provided Darren with the support of a larger company along with the independence of his own agency.

According to Darren, one of his most daunting tasks was to create awareness of a Select Appointments branch in Leicester, which had been in operation for 22 years and yet no one had heard of it. By adopting intensive promotions into the community by utilising local opportunities and excellent networking, awareness of Select’s Leicester branch grew immensely.

Life was not rosy throughout. There were lows but Darren’s good friend Matt Stockdale, also the Managing Director of Home Pride Ltd, mentored him and guided Darren through difficulties. A great fan of kick boxing, Darren had endured gruelling workouts and he attributes his love of sport to the training and discipline imbued in him, which went on to help him in his entrepreneurial ventures.

The Select award for ‘franchisee of the year’ was given to Darren within a year of him opening his own Select Appointments franchise. His dedication was evident and well rewarded too, for his team and he won a trip to Rome.

Honesty is the principle that enabled Darren to be where he is. Complete honesty not only towards clients but also team members and acquaintances.