Health food franchises gaining momentum in the UK

The health food franchising opportunities are gaining in popularity in the UK franchising market, because of the growing number of health concerns amongst the individuals and the resulting exercising and dieting habits.

In today’s health-conscious environment, people are seeking zero- or low-calorie foods and diet aids; not forgetting the ever-growing sales of vitamins, health diet foods and supplements. This should act as a further incentive to the budding entrepreneurs looking to start a health food store franchise.

Knowledge about environmental aspects and genetically modified (GM) foods would also be of immense help in running a health food franchise successfully, while encouraging consumers to consider the intake of healthy food in their diet. Indeed, if you have attained professional qualifications in nutrition, it would be an added advantage.

A major example of retailing in the health beverage industry could be that of Revive Juice Bars Ltd (Revive) that plans to capitalise on the industry with its wide range of healthy, nutritious and tasty drinks. Formed in 1994, the company is seeking suitable individuals to run their franchisees in shopping centres, railway stations and airports.