Hello, it’s my network!

Telecoms is a big industry, and for those who want to be a part of it, then they can through 1Stoptele.com, which, in return for a franchise fee offers the complete infrastructure to run your own telecoms business.

VJ Odedra had an impressive record in telecoms and when his friends and family got a raw deal, he decided to set up Annecto telecom providing high quality, low cost services. Now, Annecto is offering its services under the 1StopTele.com retail banner.

When VJ created Annecto, he had in his mind an ethical company, not like the others, and after 4 years of enormous amounts of investment and hard work, VJ built the international network and has negotiated various global agreements to ensure your new business is a success.

As 1StopTele.com offers all what is required like infrastructure, training, personalised website, backend systems, etc, even if you do not have any knowledge about the telecom industry, it is a cakewalk.

Market your call rates and phone services through word of mouth, colleges, think of your local advertising. You can do all this while sitting at home, so you can run your business without having to quit your job.

At only £7,500 for the Franchise Package, 1StopTele.com offers the same excellent low-cost opportunity for its franchisees as it does to its customers. To take advantage of this unique opportunity, contact the company for a full prospectus.

The package includes

•    Customised E-commerce Website •    1Stop Voice Services •    Personalised (business) stationery •    5,000 calling cards (£1,000 activated) •    Comprehensive training & support