Help others and help yourself with an All Trades Franchise

A year ago, Paul Dennis joined hands with the All Trades Network for an extremely hard working and rewarding 12 months. Paul is currently hunting for a team of trustworthy tradesmen to help him in his repair work for insurance companies.

A firm believer in the old adage, ‘reap what you sow’, according to Paul, it is the same for business. According to him, you have to go and find work, work does not find its way to you, and it is the same even when you have a franchise.

Last year after the floods, Paul and his team undertook a lot of work in the Hull area, which is not even in their territory. However, it helped them build up some more local contacts.

No newcomer to the franchising industry, Paul first operated a contract cleaning franchise in Liverpool and his seven years experience has proved very helpful in his latest business.

According to Paul, rather than the short-term benefits, one should look at the long-term benefits. Problems associated with franchising businesses are common, and yet Paul assures of benefits in the long run.

Paul credits his ease with work to the support provided by the head office. He has now managed to build up a team of trusty and reliable workmen to complete the contracts and fulfilling these projects and contracts is what Paul describes as an exhilarating experience.