High Profile In-house Mr Fixit Turns Entrepreneur With ActionCOACH

Jamie Goral The co-founder of Lovefilm, Lego's ex-Global Managing Director and the co-founder of Nevada Bob's Golf have all found business success assisted by Jamie Goral’s in-house turnaround skills. So ActionCOACH is very pleased to welcome Goral as the latest addition to its franchise network.

“There was nothing else left for me to achieve at my previous role so it was time for a new challenge," explained Goral. "I looked at franchising particularly as I always had a soft spot for franchising, small businesses and growing businesses. I looked at various franchises and talked to many of them, but none had the track record and history of ActionCOACH.

"ActionCOACH just ticked all the boxes for me. I realised it would give me the opportunity to apply my passion for improving the bottom line of businesses to more than one business at a time, whilst being my own boss as well. I had completed a lot of research by the time I made my decision and knew what I was taking on and what I was rejecting as well.”

Goral is now merging his 13 years of in-house experience with ActionCOACH’s 20 years of worldwide business coaching success. ActionCOACH has developed over 3,500 strategies over the years to assist business owners worldwide in making their business a success. ActionCOACH’s tools are used on over 10,000 businesses every month and also offer Action Business Coaches, like Goral, the opportunity to follow a healthy business model for their own business.

“All of the material and training was world class and gave me ideal preparation for my business," added Goral. "I was particularity impressed by the fact that the trainers were all people who had enjoyed huge success in ActionCOACH and are still performing at a high level, so could speak from personal experience of what works. To date I have gained significantly from the ongoing coaching and training made available to me as an ActionCOACH Franchise Partner.

“The way ActionCOACH shares the knowledge that its experienced and successful Franchise Partners have accumulated and the best practise acquired through client case studies is excellent; the ongoing training and coaching has made me a lot more knowledgeable and confident and that’s showing up in my business results.

“The best thing about being an Action Coach is being trained on how to build a successful business. It gives you both a very marketable skill to help others and shows you the best way to fulfil your own potential. The personal development journey that I have undertaken already is very rewarding. I strive to be better and this is the perfect environment to do that and I have the opportunity to massively improve as a person every year, more so than being in any other career.”

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