How can you be a millionaire if you do not dream and approach the right people?

The million pound sweep

David Spurrier was a man who dreamt and also approached the right people - Drain Doctor.

From a salary of £22,000 as a policeman, David can now have all that he dreamt of: cars, clothes and holidays.

Franchise business is booming. David turned his attention to one because of the support and advice provided by an experienced franchisor and because of its recognisable brand. According to him, a franchise based business is a ‘safer option’ for starting your own business. He did not have to lie about brand recognition, for the bank knew about it and approved the loan over the phone, kick starting David’s climb to fortune.

Starting his business in Cambridge, Sept 2003, David started off with a van and soon climbed the rungs of success with another van in the neighbouring Ipswich and Colchester territory. He now has ten vans on road with another two in the pipeline.

From £22,000 David went on to earn £147,000 in his first seven months and is now sitting on £2.5 million.

He attributes his success to his hard work and also his decision to choose Drain Doctor, as it looks after its franchisees. He is now busy building his income through road works and septic tank installations plus treatment plants.