How franchising can change your life

Having had a career in carpentry and construction, John Savage was looking for a new challenge. He almost gave up his search for a new career path when he realised that his lack of experience and knowledge of marketing might let him down. But then he came across franchise opportunities being offered by PC PAL and realised that this would be a really good route for him to take.

PC PAL supported and helped John through the training process, when he had to take some exams. And he knows that now, when he is out on a job, he can ring for help should he need any.

John is now really enjoying his work and the support that he receives from the franchisor. He is able to fit his hobbies and interests around his work easily and loves working locally and not having to travel.

John plans to establish the PC PAL franchise in the Bristol East area and he then hoes he can expand into Bath.

With the help of this franchise opportunity, John has been able to change his life. He now has a job that he enjoys and that has potential to expand. And throughout his experiences, he knows that he can always rely on his franchisor for help.