Huge expo response for Filtafry Plus

At the National franchise exhibition held in October in Birmingham, Filtafry exhibited their brand new vehicle with the latest machinery. Damien Slater the franchise manager stated that throughout the exhibition they were in constant talks about their one of a kind business opportunity with potential franchisees.

He also elaborated that there was so much of interest in the service because of the advantages towards the environment and the fact that the business was entirely recession proof. He also emphasised that the year 2008 was very successful for them as it brought in a lot of new national accounts and the franchisees already with them were servicing the independent customers on a weekly basis.

Damien Slater also reported that during the exhibition there were a lot of women who showed interest in owing a franchise independently, while there were other women who wanted to involve their husbands along with them. They were keen to work both as a team and in multiple shift operations.

His conclusion was that it was their article on women being franchisees with Filtafry Plus which was published in the exhibition edition of the Franchise magazine that motivated the women to take up the challenge owning a franchise. Filtafry Plus would pick six new franchisees from the people who had registered during the exhibition.