Along with the ever increasing rise in pet owners, we have also seen a rise in the more 'savvy and dedicated' pet owners, who only want the best for their pets. This increase in figures has become evident in the growing high demand for our products and services.


p>Reputation is key for us, 'word of mouth' repeat business is the best type of repeat business, so of course we only engage in the best. Not just the best ingredients to provide the best nutrients to our customers, we also seek the best individuals to become a Franchisee, who we can trust will continue to retain and sustain our reputation.

Continuous growth and demand, puts us in a brilliant position to now welcome applications from entrepreneurial individuals who not only have a passion to succeed but also a passion for animals and compassion for their owners!

If you have ever considered becoming a Franchisee, I am sure you would have conducted research and realised, to become successful it is essential that the quality of the product/service you provide has value, longevity and is in constant high demand.

Husse products and services are placed within a marketplace where demand is constantly rising. This is a huge benefit to any new and of course our existing franchisee's as high demands guarantees maximum profit.

A well known study has shown that in the last decade, people have become more health conscious; these lifestyle choices correlate to the pet food choices which pet owners are making for their pets.

Now, more than ever, pet owners are making the conscientious effort to only purchase pet foods which contain; high quality human grade and, natural ingredients. We at Husse are able to provide our existing and new customers the assurance of this high quality, because like our customers, we care about animals and their wellbeing, even if they're not our own pets!

Healthy eating makes for a healthier and happier person - and this is the same for pets too.

We have an altruistic concern for pets, which is why we continuously seek to improve the quality and ranges of high quality nutritious ingredients within our pet foods and, luckily for us the rise of 'savvy' health conscientious pet owners are increasingly becoming aware of our ethics and health conscious products, hence our significant and continuous growth of sales since 2015.

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