Hydro Dynamic franchise

Eric Lloyd wanted to quit his office work, so he decided to invest in the Hydro Dynamic franchise. Eric has been earning profits over the last four years because of his investment in Hydro Dynamic.

Eric worked in an office and prior to that owned a professional photography studio. He sold his studio when the surrounding area was under development. He did not want to start the same business again because of the arrival of digital technology. He wanted to be his own boss in order to make decisions, so he decided to own a franchise. He was interested in cleaning work.

There were many cleaning franchises available in the market, but he selected the Hydro Dynamic franchise as it offers a variety of cleaning services and caters to a range of consumers. The cleaning services range from hard floor, upholstery and carpet cleaning to graffiti removal and external pressure washing. This franchise also offers expert services like full fire and flood restoration services like dry steam cleaning, drying, smoke and fire damage cleaning, steam cleaning, offsite storage/cleaning, validated hygiene cleaning, asbestos testing, smoke damage cleaning, mould abatement, pack out service and PAT leak and testing deduction as well as services such as leather cleaning.

The Hydro Dynamic franchise offers a training programme that includes marketing, business plan, technology induction and advice on finance. They are always there to answer your queries.

Investing in the Hydro Dynamic franchise has improved the life of Eric and made him feel secure about his future.