Welcome to I AM WOMAN Cardiff

What Do Our Members Say About I AM WOMAN?

"I like live here, I feel like the title - I Am Woman, I can conqueror the world!"

"Not one meeting goes by where I don't learn something very, very important for my business."

"A lot more about business, different types - accounting, finance - things that I would have never touched upon."

"I love coming here, because business can be dominated by men, and here we're a bunch of sexy women going out, but we've got fight and we know what we're talking about."

Step Into One Of Our I AM WOMAN Business Club Events

Come for the cocktails... stay for the business.

Rub toes with like-minded women.

Enjoy our cocktail and canapé networking reception.

Share stories, experiences, tips and business contacts... Enjoy bringing along to sell what you love doing.

Step into the formal part of the evening.

Cheryl Bass - CEO and Founder
"Over 20 years ago I set up the first enterprise centre for women, but then that got involved in fast growth. So whatever businesses are in this room, you can guarantee I've worked with one of them at some stage."

Getting to know you, with hosts introducing you to everyone.

Get busy.. get speed networking.

Enjoy three fantastic speakers at each event.

Open floor - this is where our speakers answer your particular questions or help you out.

Enjoy meeting the speakers in the bar for even more networking with a glass of merlot and a bowl of chips.

Time to share even more about what you love doing.

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