“I selected Auditel because of their professionalism and genuine sincerity”

North Shields-based David Jamieson joined the Auditel cost management franchise in September 2009. Prior to becoming a franchisee, Jamieson held key management roles in both SMEs and large organisations. He recalled: “Initially I trained as a Mechanical Engineer and then progressed into several senior management support roles in operations, supply chain, quality, safety, health and environmental, risk and corporate responsibility. The business sectors that I worked in included manufacturing, power generation, engineering and construction.”

David said: “I selected Auditel because of their professionalism and genuine sincerity. They stood head and shoulders above other cost management specialists. The training and support is exceptional and my business is growing steadily, in fact, ahead of forecast.

“I believe that my work experience gave me an excellent understanding of the importance of controlling overheads and the cost of essential services and purchases. This background and the unequivocal Auditel expertise and technical support, enables me to deliver a quality service that is continually improved upon. My main objective is to allow my clients to concentrate on their core business with the comfort of knowing that their costs are under tight control and professionally managed.”

As one of his clients said, after Jamieson had produced savings of £53,000 pa, ‘The savings that David has found so far are very impressive. If he can see opportunities for more savings or greater efficiency in other aspects of the business, he has got carte blanche to investigate them. Apart from the obvious benefit of having an expert to find and implement improvements, what I really value about working with David is the level of trust between us. I know he’s working in our best interests and I see him very much as part of my team.’

Using his extensive engineering experience, Jamieson has developed an innovative Energy Management and Client Acquisition package and now trains his fellow Affiliates in these fields. David said: “Sharing knowledge and experience is an area that I find enjoyable and rewarding. Through this, I have managed to be successful in being presented as ‘Best Newcomer’ at the Auditel National Conference in 2010. Last year, I won the ‘Tim Rix Award’ and the ‘Consultants’ Consultant Award’”.

Asked about his future plans, David commented: “I intend to continue with my personal and professional development and grow my business. Auditel is an independent consultancy so the most cost-effective solution is given, regardless of supplier. My clients range from Charities, the Public Sector (NHS), Independent Schools, Medical Practices, Engineering, Distribution, and Arts Centres. Quite honestly, any organisation, irrespective of size or sector can benefit. If necessary, I can call on additional expertise from any of my 200 colleagues and provide a whole team of specialists.”