IIB Global Franchising Launched

The IIB Global Franchising Opportunity has been launched under the guidance of a well known and experienced International Franchise Consultant and Franchisor Brian Hewitt.

Brian was approached by the Founder and retiring Principal of the IIB to develop a global franchise model. Brian undertook this exciting assignment and launched the new IIB Franchise model to the already accredited non franchised 5,000 Associates worldwide on 1st March 2013 and received positive and encouraging response from so many who are willing to support newly franchised Associates buying into such a large Brand and organisation.

Brian is now the CEO of IIB Global Franchising Ltd with the responsibility to promote the franchise worldwide.

The IIB was established in 1984 as the Institute for Independent Business.

The Institute was established to help Managing Directors / Owners (MDOs) of independent businesses - the majority of whom were and still are asking for guidance and assistance.

To enable effective support, in 1991 the Institute created the Consultancy Business Development Programme™. This enabled selected mature business executives to be trained and accredited to start and build their own successful consultancy practices. The IIB Business Support Programme™ was introduced so that the growing community of accredited Associates could provide their clients with practical advice that works™. The varying needs of MDOs were satisfied by skills and experience from specialists Associates. All Accredited Associates benefited (both for themselves and their clients) by becoming part of this exclusive network, thus being able to share clients by always providing best service and advice for their clients.

Since 1995, as the Institute for Independent Business International, the network of accredited Associates has been operating in over 40 countries supporting Managing Directors and Owners of independent businesses around the world.

The Institute and its Franchised Associates supports business needs by selecting, training, accrediting and facilitating a growing network of IIB Alumni around the world. Accredited by the Institute, they independently deliver the support needed.

We select experienced business people with senior management skills from all professions and industries, and, using our proven methodologies and support, enable them to deliver effective solutions to businesses worldwide with all size businesses, though primarily specialising in the SME (small to medium size enterprise) sector.