Importance of Advertising for a franchisee

As a new franchisee, it is very important to work hard towards generating footfall for your store. Advertising can prove to be of great tool in helping you achieve this goal. In case the franchisors brand is a new one, then advertising becomes a necessity and even if the brand is an established one, the franchisee has to spread awareness regarding the presence of the brand in that particular area. Here we list the advantages of advertising for a franchisee

• Awareness Advertising helps in spreading awareness about your brand in the target area. Advertising will also help in giving information about your product/service which will be useful to the consumer and help him make his purchase. You can communicate your product/service benefits through advertising.

• Recognition A constant state of awareness leads to recognition. Recognition will in-turn lead to familiarity with the brand which matters a lot when the consumer is making his purchase decision.

• Recall Constant state of recognition will lead to high brand recall. High brand recall ultimately leads to sales.

• Increase footfalls Advertising will help you increase footfall in your store. The more time the consumer spends in your store the more likely he is to purchase your product/service.

• Increase consumption Advertising can also help in increasing consumption. Packaging and presenting the product/service in a different manner can lead the consumer to buy more.

• Brand Building Not only sales, but advertising also plays a major role in long term brand building. It helps to create a favourable impression in the minds of the consumer.