Improvements in Kia franchise

According to the recent Sewell’s Dealer Attitude Survey, the demand for the Kia franchise has significantly improved amongst dealers with the brand rising to rank 15th amongst 34 marques.

The Managing Director of Kia Motors (UK) Limited, Paul Philpot, said that the company had improved over the last two years from being one of the least appealing marques. The focus on developing support for the network and building the strength of the brand in the market had paid off. 

According to Mr Philpot, Kia is an example of sheer hard work. Over the past 18 months, the franchise has improved its profit and professionalism. Considering this, the entire franchise is now seen with more respect. It has become one of the most attractive franchises and dealers say that this is a result of improvement of their services in every area.  

To make the brand a success, Kia knows that they need the support and belief of their dealers in this current challenging market. The dealers ranked Kia in the top 10 for understanding and acting on the issues they faced. Mr Philpot was particularly happy and encouraged by this achievement. There has been a drastic improvement in the performance of Kia over a period of time.