Inflation is high but franchising still booming

Inflation has hit the market and the property prices are falling but one industry that seems to be still strong is the UK franchising industry. It seems that when such a credit crunch situation comes, you have to choose between working for somebody else or becoming your own boss. For some people, franchising may be the perfect solution.

According to a recent survey by the International Franchise Corporation Limited, around 33 percent of people are still on the look out to set up franchises within the next three months. The survey took place among the age group of 34 to 45. Around 43 percent of respondents anticipated taking nearly 6 to 12 months to choose a franchise.

A total of fifty nine percent of the respondents use the internet as a primary research tool. The second most preferred method was face to face meetings in exhibitions. This particular survey mainly highlights the importance of the internet in providing potential franchisees with key information regarding potential franchise partners.

Research is the key to successful advertising and the internet has made it much easier to get all the information that you need whilst short listing potential franchisors.